Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Cutie Cameron~
After he went on the potty~ "Now I get a tweet"

"I don't like it"~ when finished with eating or drinking something

"I Want You, I Love You, I Like You"

November 2009

Just a little update on the grandkids:)
Cameron had his speech screening this week and did really well. He had all the sounds that would be expected for his age so it may just be developmental. They will rescreen him when he is four for speech and overall communication so no referrals right now. Also, the little guy had had hives since last Wednesday so please pray that they clear up! We don't know what caused them and it could be a virus acc. to the ped. Anyway, he is doing fine and is completely himself playing and all!
Landon lost one of his front teeth and lost the crown he had all in the same week. He is loving first grade and has been making new friends. He said yesterday that Skyler (boy in his class) is his best friend and he is Skyler's best friend. Then he met a boy at the playground we went to after school and they hit it off and we exchanged #'s since they live so close. He has a Holiday Music Extravaganza on Nov. 19 at 6:30 at Florida Southern College if anyone can make it! He will be singing and I'm sure it will be packed!
Kyleigh is coloring as I type this and will color with crayons or markers as long as she can. She loves drawing and may take after her Grandpa and big brother:) She loves climbing on the huge play sets at the park so of course I am right behind her. She is quite the determined little girl as you know:) She is loving the nursery at church and we are not getting paged anymore to come and get her. She and Cameron also love going to the play area at church on Wed. mornings when I go to bible study and they can't wait to play on the slides and tunnels each week. Looks like her hair is curling up more this week. She is such a sweetheart and her brothers just eat her up. Last night she was laying between them on the fold out bed and looked like such a big girl.
Looking forward to Thanksgiving whatever we all end up doing!
Love you, Angie

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