Monday, September 14, 2009

My Little Fruit Trees

We have been working on learning all the fruits of the Spirit around here. These guys love
talking and learning about them and they are a part of everything we do around here! It has been so refreshing to study along with them because I can always use the practice. Love, Joy, Peace and Patience is a little song we sing or really more of a rap. Either way it works and they really enjoy it:) That is the point at least. I think that kids learn the most when they are having fun and that these are the things that stick with them.

When the boys need a little help in a certain area I have been referring them back to the fruits of the Spirit and have seen such a great response from them. It is like their hearts just open up in such a way that they are showing more patience and kindness towards each other and there are lots of hugs:) With boys sometimes these hugs come with rolling around on the floor and smashing each other but it's all good, right? Instead of reacting when I am stressed I have tried to just state what is going on with them when at any given time and let them figure it out from there. I love watching them come up with their own solutions and then feeling the sense of pride that comes along with it. We talked about a fruit tree that we would make and then cut out different fruits that they could earn when I catch them showing their fruit. I am still working on that part but plan to let them choose a branch for that day or week and let them attach their fruits to earn special treats or special activities with each of us. They really enjoyed cutting out the braches and leaves and worked on this part for quite some time. I will probably attach it to a poster board or something and maybe laminate everything at some point with velcro on the back. They were super excited to start working on their tree and they worked so well together on this. We had leaves in all shapes and sizes and I love just letting them be although I did try to tweak a few branches. I love my little fruit trees as I call them:) p.s. They were wearing underoos in these photos although it looks like they are back in the Garden:)


Mary said...

Wonderful idea. I love it! I believe you will see bushels and bushels of good fruit from those beautiful trees.

Angie said...

Thanks Mary:)