Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost 2!

Cannot believe our baby girl will be 2 in just a few days! Our lives have changed so much since her arrival and she has brought so much joy to our family:) Kyleigh Rose fits in so nicely to our family and both boys are crazy in love with her! She still loves to snuggle and lay down right on my chest. I love when she puts her head on my shoulder and when she wears those one-piece cotton pajamas and wraps her little legs around me. She is s sweetie and such a ball of energy. She loves digging in the dirt and mulch and does not mind getting dirty with the boys. She also loves new clothes and shoes and hats so there is a bit of a girly side there too:) She and Cameron are great playmates and really love jumping on the bed together, playing ball, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and bubbles! Boy do they love bubbles! I just got a bubble machine at Target for her party because keeping up with all those bubbles is a lot of work although it can be relaxing on a stressful day.

Kyleigh loves going to the nursery at church and to See and Know. One night when I was reading her Bible to her before bed and praying with her she held out her hands and said "stamps." She wanted me to stamp her hands like they do at church:) She cried for a while in the one year old class and they paged us at first but now she practically jumps into their arms upon arrival. She has such a happy and outgoing personality and it has been hard seeing her sick over the past week and a half. She has a left ear infection and had fever and cough but seems to be feeling much better today. Good thing because her party is Saturday and so is the first day of Spring. Yeah to warmer weather! Our friends who also have a little girl born on March 20 recently dropped by some very generous hand me downs including a Dora Jeep. Kyleigh takes charge in that thing and takes off all over the back yard. They also brought over a Dora castle which worked out great because that is the theme of her party thanks to Grandma giving us the decorations from work.

Kyleigh is full of hugs and kisses and really loves to dance:0 Sometimes Cameron will just sit back and watch and other times he joins in. They really love to sing together in the van and to play at Banana Lake Park together. It is nice because it is not too crowded and we can really enjoy and relax so that is where we plan to have her party. We are thankful and look forward to her feeling better and enjoying her special day:) Will have to post pictures later.


Mary said...

She is so gorgeous.

I just love hearing about your kids. You really have a knack for making them jump into our hearts the way they must be in yours.

Angie said...

Awww. Thanks so much Mary! I love talking or writing about my kids plus they are growing up way too fast:)