Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday Madness

Cutting out Yo Gabba Gabba masks and dancing around! It was a Yo gabba Gabba Dance Party and the kiddos loved it!!! I was so tired from getting up several times during the night as Kyleigh is teething and called me all throughout the night. However, after my Morning Joe we danced until it was time to wind down a bit. Cameron was so thrilled as he tells everyone everyday that he is going to have a Yo Gabba birthday party. Maybe we will all dress up. Cameron wants to be Plex and Ky wants to be Foofa. Landon could be DJ Lance and spin the tunes. It would be so hilarious if you like the show! Most people either hate it and find it completely annoying or get it in a weird sort of way:)

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supershane said...

I want a Muno costume. I will wear it and I will jam some Yo Gabba Gabba at Cameron's birthday!