Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sweet Landon Boy

We recently had our conference with Landon's teacher, Mrs. Oglialoro. He says her name so cute:) She is really sweet and young and Landon just loves her. He gives her big hugs everyday and she said he recently melted a substitute teacher's heart. I guess he went up to her and told her that he loved his Mama all the way to the moon and back and that he loved his Daddy just as much:) He is so full of love and showers lots of hugs and kisses our way! I can only hope he still wants to give me hugs when he is a teenager especially in public:) I remember when I used to go shopping with my Mom and Godmother and my Godmother would hug me as we were walking through the mall and it drove me crazy. Funny those teen years and sad what I put my parents through. Like I didn't want my Mom to drop me off in front of the school one day for whatever reason.

Back to Landon! He is doing really well and just needs to work on his writing a bit and the five sentence structure they are learning. He did great on this one that she told us about in the meeting and said this would definitely be a keeper. She was right:) I guess we do a lot of ice cream and pizza runs He likes ordering one of the $5 pizzas at Little Caeser's and sometimes he even gets a little game or tattoo and he loves paying and getting the change. His teacher also said that he has really come out of his shell and is interacting with a lot of the kids in his class. He is much more social and plays with lots of different kids on the playground and during free time. Last year he pretty much played by himself on the playground and was pretty independent. He is still loving school and is very proud when talking about his buddies in his class and everything going on. She said one of his jobs was DJ recently where he stood up and pretty much directed the class through the morning songs and calendar that week and that he did really well:) I'm so happy and excited for him!


supershane said...

His school has been a blessing. I'm really digging working with Landon on homework and spelling and vocabulary and timed math problems and lots of reading. And I love my lunch time with Landon each Wednesday. So fun!

Mary said...

What a great kid. I expect no less from you two.

He sounds like he's quite a charmer.

I'm way behind on your blog. I will have to come back to catch up and post comments.

Angie said...

Hey Mary! It has been so long. I need to catch up and comment on yours too. We loved your Christmas card! I can't believe it is March already!

Amy said...

What a sweet kid. I'm so proud of him even though we're far away.