Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Big Boy!

Tonight I was reading to Cameron and he chose one of the pirate books for us to read. It went through famous pirates and several were women. I told Cameron that women were pirates too and he said "Mama I don't want you to be a pirate!" Why I asked. Because I don't want you to scare people. He said I just want you to stay my Mama. So stinkin cute! I said Ok Cam I won't be a pirate and I'll stay here with you and be your Mama. Then he said "I love you Mama.* We made up stories about riding waves at the beach and sandcastles and pirate adventures. He just makes my heart melt:)

A few Sundays ago Cameron while we were getting ready for church he told us "I'm too sleepy for that church." He then told Shane he wanted to go to big church with us and he just loved it~those big brown eyes didn't miss a thing and he did very well during the sermon and all. Our Little Cam is growing up! The way he says things is so cute you just want to laugh. Like we he came in our room after sleeping in his own bed and then waking up and wandering to our room. He ran into our locked door and cries out "How bout me." So funny~too us anyway.

Cameron is fascinated and somewhat nervous around any kind of bug. I hope to read more stories with him and do some bug projects soon to help him along. Anyway, one morning he was playing in the front room and said "Mama, come get this bug." I asked what kind it was. "He has 3 legs and I don't like him" he yelled. He then went on to comfort Kyleigh while Mama went to rescue the bug or Cameron:)

Cameron's Birthday Party was SO MUCH FUN!!! There was dancing and Yo Gabba Gabba music which Kyleigh and Cameron loved. The kids played "limbo limbo" as Cameron calls it and it was a nice but hot day. He just ate up all the attention and loved having his grandparents and best buddies there. He has a big boy bed now and Woody and Buzz bedding for his room which I can't wait to put together for him. We have a lot of work to do and I still need to find a twin frame somewhere.

He is just the sweetest and I cannot believe he is four years old and I am looking at preschool sites. Tonight he said he didn't want to go but wanted to stay with me. I know he will do just fine one he starts in the fall but for now he is very happy to stay home. I said he could go to Mama school for a while and he got a huge grin. Today we started with circle time and then a walk around our neighborhood and did a trip to the new Dollar Store where he got to spend a little birthday money. He had such a blast and I am soaking in these moments with him because I know before long he will be wearing a little uniform and carrying a backpack. Very hard to picture now but it will be here soon:(
Love that little guy!


Mary said...

I think four is just the most amazing age. Ivan has been an adventure for me as he learns and reasons through things.

Cameron is so cute and I can see why he's melting your heart on a regular basis. What a blessing!

Angie said...

Awww. Wish we could be around more to witness Ivan in action! I love adventure and I'm sure he keeps you on your toes:) I agree that four is definitely a fun age!