Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Made My Day:)

Received this today via e-mail from Landon's 1st grade teacher:


I’ve been meaning to email you for a while now and have just now taken the time to do so. I am very proud of Landon! He has been interacting well with his classmates and has been volunteering more and more in our group discussions. He has been taking more risks with answering questions and today he even read his afternoon story to our class and Miss Lewis’s class!!!! YAY! He has come a long way since the beginning of the year.

On another note, Landon is a very special boy to me. He is so kind and loving. Each day I lose track of the number of hugs that he gives me, and he is sincere with each one. He makes my day many days!

Thank you for sharing Landon with me

Kelly Oglialoro

1st grade teacher

South McKeel Academy


Mary said...

Love any encouragement received from teachers. It really means a lot doesn't it? What a blessing to have a teacher who will take the time to let you know what a good job YOU are doing!

Angie said...

Yes! It means so much especially out of the blue like that:) Thanks for your sweet comment Mary!

Amy Button said...

That's so sweet. And you're so blessed to have a teacher that cares so much!