Monday, May 10, 2010


I will stop and play. I will leave the sink filled with dishes and go do something fun with my child.

I want to enjoy those moments that I pass by each day. The chance to tickle my son as he giggles and squeals with delight saying "More Mama More." Laying outside on our blanket looking up at the clouds and pointing out dinosaurs and puppies as we watch birds and airplanes fly overhead. Stopping to read to my sweet daughter who sees a book and says "Read Mama" while quickly crawling up beside me in the bed. Today it was *When you give a Pig a Pancake* and she was so delighted and so happy. I let her jump on the bed right beside me and got to see her eyes light up for a moment. I could have missed that moment and that is what hurts. The moments when I was too busy or too worried or just caught up in my daily happenings.

Lord, help me slow down and see through your eyes. This day is more than just finishing all the laundry and getting the sticky stuff up off the kitchen floor. These are moments that cannot be had again and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Let me see my children through your eyes no matter how frustrated I get and let me step back and take time for myself as well. This only enhances time with them! I get a little break and more importantly they get a little break from Mom too:) When I return as I did last night I love to see the looks on their faces and to fall back in step again. My calling is my kids and they deserve the very best of me and I intend to make sure that they get just that!

The city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there. Zechariah 8:5

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Mary said...

beautifully said Angie.