Sunday, July 18, 2010


1. aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence: an inspired poet.

2. resulting from such inspiration: an inspired poem; an inspired plan.

3. inhaled: inspired air.

Yes~ I am feeling inspired!! Whenever we return from the Panhandle I always feel such a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. I think it has to do with all the sights, sounds, smells and unique places that keep us coming back and the new discoveries each time we return. Maybe it was the bike ride at Rosemary Beach which turned out being one of my favorite things we did together. Or maybe it was the incredible breeze at Bud and Alley's pizza bar the night we sat outside at Seaside and just relaxed and inhaled the ocean air. Maybe it was the little shops and art galleries along the way or the beach communities along 30-A that fascinate me to no end. I ended up calling someone to get the correct pronunciation of Alys Beach ~Alice~ and a little of the story behind it. I have never seen anything like it and took so many pictures~all to come as they are still on my camera:) Anyway, this visit was great and each time we go it is a little different and there are changes along the way.

Our family reunion was planned for the weekend that we arrived and we were able to catch up with some of the Harper/Duncan crew and had a nice time going out to eat and doing a little shopping and hanging out on the beach and pool. We ended it with a bang by watching old home movies which is a long time family tradition and having an early bithday celebration for Mom complete with mango key kime pie:) I got a little teary-eyed just seeing my grandparents and watching a few of the classics.

Upon arrival to our room (which was a total answer to prayer!) at the Wyndham in PCB at Emerald Green we were totally blown away! It was a last minute deal through RCI which someone probably cancelled due to the oil spill and it ended up being a 2 bedroom presidential suite. We did not see any of the notices re: the oil spill during our visit and the water was clear for the most part other than the seaweed aka June grass. I did see several workers which I'm sure were contracted by BP walking along the beach each day but the beaches were so crowded where we stayed and we really did not spend a lot of time in the water. It did clear up quite a bit during the last 2 days of our trip and the sand was so incredible. The kind that makes the perfect sandcastle and actually sticks together while being so soft on your toes~loved it! The boys made a castle for Kyleigh one morning and she created her own little slide into the pool in the middle. It was hilarious! We all worked on that castle together and had so much fun. Returning to the PCB/ Destin area really means a lot to me as we went there almost every summer when I was growing up. We would load up into our little brown Toyota aka Coconut and had a lot of good times there. As we drove into town I was pointing out to Shane *Look I've been there and we went to church there one time and we ate there and so forth.* I could probably write all day about the past week and most likely will spread this over several posts especially to include some of the pictures. For now, I have two little boys waiting for me to come read to them and one little angel who is fast asleep. More later~ much more later:)


Mary said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing your joy.

Amy Button said...

What a beautiful post! The pictures are perfect and it sounds *wonderful*. We'll have to meet up there sometime.

Angie said...

You are welcome Mary:) Love sharing about these little excursions!
Amy~We will definitely have to meet up there someday! It is an amazing half-way point!