Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wow~ What a Day!!!

We set a few goals this weekend and today turned out to be quite an amazing and full day!

Landon is tying his new Air Nike shoes we got today for the new school year and also *Big News* is riding his bike with no training wheels~yeah! When I saw him riding at Banana Lake Park today I have to admit I teared up. He just looked so big on that bike and was smiling and so proud of himself. It reminded me of when my Dad taught me to ride in the parking lot at Ridgeway Assembly of God in Memphis. From what I remember it took many more tries for me and I was probably somewhere between K and 1st grade.

Shane ran along beside him and it was so awesome seeing the look on his face~ after we went to Rita's Ice to celebrate! Kyleigh also pedaled the tricycle on her own a little and Cam is getting used to pedaling his bike as well. We really need to do stuff like that more often.

In other news, Cameron is wiping on his own~ good thing because he will be starting VPK which is 3 hours a day on the 23rd. We drove by his school today and Shane got to see the playground. At first Cam would say he didn't want to go to school and just wanted to go to Mama school and church school:) but has changed his mind in the few trips we have made to the school to register him. He is SO ready! He likes to read Five Little Monkeys to me at bedtime and loves to sing *a thousand of songs* as he puts it:)

Kyleigh has been potty training herself and has decided to start with the latter. She will go and put her poop in the potty on her own, flush, and has started wiping herself. Too funny! She kinda does things her way and does not really take much interest in the little potty. I got her big girl padded panties at Target and have used them a little with her. All in due time. And Miss Kyleigh is sleeping in her converted toddler bed tonight. Shane just took the crib apart and of course I was crying again *emotional day* but it was time. She could easily scale her crib and climbed out of it with such ease but we didn't want to take any chances with her getting out of it. I think she really likes it and it is much easier now to read stories with her in bed. She did try many times to get up and walk around and we just walked or carried her back over and over and now she is sound asleep:) Aaahh! Now for some grown up time!!!


Mary said...

Such big happenings around there. Those three are going to be unrecognizable by the time I see them again. Isn't it sad how fast the third one seems to move forward? I have been finding it difficult to keep up with Aron and I feel like I'm chasing his progress at every turn.

Angie said...

I know! It really is hard to keep up! So many little accomplishments each day. Today I had Kyleigh all to myself and it was so wonderful. She grabbed my hand and started swinging it as we went into the dollar store together:) Gotta love those little moments~ have fun with Aron & the big boys and hope to see you guys soon!

Amy Button said...

It sounds like things are really hectic but really good. I don't envy all the potty training and am so glad we're past that stage. It will be nice for you to have a little time with just Kyleigh while the boys are in school.