Monday, December 05, 2011

Thanksgiving Celebration

I was so thankful to be able to volunteer at Cameron's Thanksgiving Celebration. This is the first picture I have of him with his K teacher, Mrs. Dorsey. She is really sweet and he just loves his school and class :) His teacher went to Southeastern and I had some classes with her husband which I figured out recently and is nice to know. He is excited to walk in each morning with his big brother and really likes taking his lunch box. It is super cute that he is all about the rules and has brought home a blue star everyday:)

The times I have eaten lunch with him he is so stinkin' adorable about getting in line and usually is the one holding his finger up to his mouth:) He is pretty shy about talking out in class but really enjoys the songs and calendar time. This day they did the "Turkey Pokey" and he really got into that. You can see how cute and embarrassed he was in the picture of him and Grace. She is the girl he says he loves:) He said her eyes are beautiful and that he forgot the rest when I asked him what he liked about her. He also let me know that she sits at the blue bear table and he is at the yellow bear table. I love this age and hope to get to help out more. My station was at the red bear table for the party where the kids got to decorate a cookie and eat it. I enjoyed talking to all the kids and getting to know them a little. I got a video of Cameron telling what he was thankful for. He said my family, how fast I run, and the whole world. This was the day before we left for our big TN. trip so he was also talking about our trip to see his aunt, uncle and cousins and asking lots of questions. We had a great trip and Thanksgiving so I will have to post more soon!


Mary said...

Angie, that boy is so handsome. Cam has a pure sweetness about him that melts the heart. I so enjoyed being with all of you. This post is precious and God seems to have richly blessed you with teachers who understand and uplift your kids.

Angie said...

Aww...Thanks Mary! You are so sweet and always encouraging:) His teacher is truly a blessing!