Friday, July 27, 2012

Upside Down

Sometimes it feels like my life has turned completely upside down. That is actually turning out to be a good thing.  I can honestly say I am thankful for the new vantage point.  Yes. I do see the world differently now.  It is no longer about children who behave perfectly or a family that appears to have it all together.  It is about strength, weakness, friendships and fraility and learning to have honest and open friendships with others where we can say most anything:) That is so important to me.  Before I was always the one helping or counseling families and then when I needed help I was in panic mode. Feeling frozen and everything felt out of control.   I have learned how much we need a network of supportive people whether it be family, friends, a support group or even teachers and counselors. 

Landon has been doing very well! There are just times when my boy needs extra hugs or comforting and reassurance out in public.  Those are the times that everything stops.  When he feels grounded again or when has been able to express a need and feel understood then we move on and the day goes well.  There are a few sensory issues too that we have to deal with but it is ok and it just opens my eyes even more.  There are so many complexities and we are definitely still learning as we always will be.

 I thank God for entrusting me to be his Mama.  He is so incredibly amazing and gifted and loving and honestly I wouldn't change him for the world.  Landon has a heart after God. He just came in with his Bible this morning and loves his church, his friends and is so kind and loving to everyone he meets.  Unless you happen to be the lady in the line at the grocery store wearing a swim suit or someone who really stands out to him.  Then he may just have to let everyone know. Yeah.  Fun stuff:) He can't help but be honest and telling a lie would just not be on his radar.  Shane and I are so proud and love the young man he is becoming. When KidZone announced there would be a talent show he danced to a Toby Mac song with reckless abandon. Isn't that what we all want? To completely be ourselves and be totally accepted. Some of the kids and parents told him he was their favorite of the night.  So cool. I could write on and on but this is good for today:)

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