Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What a Wonderful World

Landon's new song in his piano solo book is What a Wonderful World:) I am finding that our world is pretty different sometimes but that it also is pretty wonderful. Today we made it back to piano after missing two weeks due to vacation and illness.  Landon was having a rough morning and said something negative I could have responded to in the van.  I just sent him in to his lesson.  He gets irritated with his siblings over little things. I'm sure no one else ever has to deal with this:) He loves his piano teacher and she is such a God send.  She really understands and is so patient. After his lesson he came out all smiles and was full of joy again.  Our sweet boy. His teacher has shared with me in the past how music can be such a restorative process for Landon.  I definitely believe it just fills his soul and meets needs we may not even realize are there.  After his lesson he got to call one of his buddies on the phone:) I enjoyed just listening to them chat away and take turns talking and the conversation seemed to go well. 

Then on to lunch and to a great shaded park near Christina that we love. They had a blast playing with other kids. Landon talked to a kid his age and soon they were racing each other around and getting along really well.   When we left Cameron said "Thank you for bringing us to this park Mom. I really love it here." Kyleigh wants to go back everyday because they have a swing that she loves.  Getting outside is so important for us and we don't always venture out because of the heat or just the comfort of being at home.  Our pastor's son spoke a few weeks back and said if you feel stressed or worried just get outside.  Watch the birds for a while and the squirrels and so on and be reminded how God takes care of them. Today I took time to breathe in the fresh air and walk and just enjoy all he has created for us to enjoy.  Funny how a park with shady trees and lots of hanging moss and a swing can change your perspective.  God is so amazing and he has provided so many wonderful things to enjoy right in front of us. 

We were planning to get together with Landon's new friend, Sam, before church tonight for a visit to the park or museum but it looks like we will have to postpone that for now.  Mainly because I need to be at church early to be in the baby room tonight.  I did get to go for coffee with Sam's mom, Kathryn, during VBS and she has already been such an inspiration to me. She taught creative writing and is homeschooling all her children.  She has learned along the way that it is important to write when she gets up first thing in the morning. Even if she doesn't feel like it or have anything pressing to write about. At least seven sentences and it can be about anything~really! Just the fact that you took the time to type or write what is on your heart and mind. We plan to go to a writing club soon here in town.  She told me about all the different types of writing groups she has been to and it is all pretty fascinating.  I am excited to read what she is working on:) Anyway, God knows exactly what we need and in what season we need it.  Some friendships are just orchestrated by God and it just leaves me in awe. He knows our innermost needs and our heart's desires.

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. 
Psalm 37:4


Amy said...

I'm a firm believer in being outside to cure what ails us. We get stuck inside when it's hot too :( I'm so looking forward to the cooler temperatures of fall.

I'm so glad that Landon has such a great teacher and that he loves to play piano. It's something that will stay with him forever.

Angie said...

Yes! Fall will be so nice:) Especially for you guys!:)