Thursday, August 29, 2013

Looking Back. My baby is almost 6!

As I stood in line at Hobby Lobby today the most precious little baby girl was in a cart right in front of me.  Blonde curls and amazing blue eyes and the sweetest little bare feet.  I noticed her Mom was buying some neat craft supplies which she told me were for her 1st birthday party.  I paused. I looked at the little onesie she was wearing with a cupcake on the front.

All the memories came flooding back to me.

My daughter's 1st birthday party. It was such a happy day.  We had it at the Common Ground Park aka the Butterfly park to my kid. It had just opened up and we rented a little pavilion there for friends and family to come celebrate.  It was such a gorgeous day and although the wind picked up the plates and tried to toss them on the ground a few times we made it.  Kyleigh has just started taking her first steps and she took several on the green turf and turned around and smiled so big and was so proud of herself.  I always dreamed of having a daughter and my dream had come true.  The Lord had given us the most amazing blessing when we were least expecting it.

Her first year was full of changes for me and lots of ups and downs.  I had pretty much retired from my job after 13 years and decided I would stay home with all three kiddos that first summer.  I remember the first few months going pretty smoothly.  There were the few nights when I called my husband sobbing wondering when he would be home from work because it had been a long day.  It was an adjustment for sure.

My parent's invited us to stay at a resort in Orlando with them toward the end of June.  Kyleigh was around three months and this would be a big trip especially without Daddy who had to work. 

I took off driving to the resort with all tons of baby gear which included a swing for our little Rosebud.  All I know is I cried most of the way there. Once we got there we had a nice time swimming in the pool and enjoying Gram and Poppa.  My Mom tried so hard for this to be a relaxing time for me and had brought little bath soaps, salts, etc. So sweet:)

So I'm on vacation and we are going and doing. We got to relax some swimming in the pool which was really nice. My Dad took Landon fishing one day in one of the little ponds there.  We went to Islands of Adventure as my parents had free passes and only had to pay for a few tickets. It was incredible from what we got to see of it and our favorite was definitely Seussville.  We rode a couple rides and explored and took lots of pictures. It was great and I hope to take the kiddos back again someday.

The day we were to go home was a bit of a blur.  Loading up with all our stuff and heading back home was the plan.  Off to Home Sweet Home.  Here are a few pictures from that trip.  My parent's were so very sweet to invite us to their resort and helped me a lot although I did miss my hubby so much that week.

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