Friday, August 23, 2013

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Today’s prompt: Last

It would be the last time. Walking up the hill to pick up my little girl waiting for me in her Pre-school classroom. 

Bright eyed. Beautiful. Dancing with her friends with smiles from ear to ear.

A scrapbook was handed to Mama with pictures of her many adventures throughout the year. My confident girl reading books to her class.  Playing dress up and housekeeping. The gak she loved to play with and draw on with markers. The great crafts, drawings and spider made out of straws. And of course the many friendships she made.

Then a little note from a very wise teacher.

As I read it the tears flowed.  This teacher was not just any teacher.  She knew my daughter. She watched her very closely and she knew me too.  She helped me when I faced things that were challenging.  She knew us.

Saying goodbye would be hard,  But saying Thank you would be the most important. 

Our her last day I got a moment alone with her teacher.  Thanking her one last time through tears. Not only for helping my daughter to blossom and grow but for helping me.  For insight. For wisdom. For understanding.

I thought about this being her last day before being a Big Kindergarten girl. My last baby growing up and moving on. Confident and full of spunk, excitement and sweetness.

The last hug. The last run down the hill with her best friend Chris.  The boys are always her best friends:)

The curls bouncing.

The giggles.

 The hope in her eyes.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this, I want to know more about the teacher, I wish you both blessings for the next year.

Angie said...

Thank you:) I hope to write more about this special lady very soon!