Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Girl

is 17 months old today!!! Kyleigh has brought so much joy into our family and the boys just adore her! They want to be right there making her laugh or hugging and loving on her. She is quite the ball handler as she will take a big bouncy ball and pick it up high and throw it right into your arms. She has always loved playing with balls whether it be a football, soccer, tennis ball, or whatever. She loves a game of catch and bouncing the ball in the kitchen. Cam and Kyleigh also love pulling out the tupperware or pots and pans and spoons and playing marching band as he calls it. I can only take the pan lids which serve as cymbals for so long but they love marching with them.

Kyleigh also loves dancing and really gets going sometimes~so cute! She also sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jesus Loves Me and started counting to five with Shane when they were playing Hide and Seek with the boys! She loves clapping to *If you're happy and you know it* and claps really loud in the van when I turn on the Bullfrogs & Butterflies tape (yes~ I still have it!). She has been known to cut a rug a time or two with her dancing moves and it is sooo stinkin' funny and cute:) She and Cameron both started getting down in Moe's the other night and she does not hold back!

Kyleigh loves coloring at the little table and in her high chair and asked yesterday as she sat down with her crayon in hand ready to create:) So dog gone cute! I think of of her favorite things to do is tell Knock knock jokes that she picked up from Cameron! She sticks out her little finger and says knock knock and usually replies with a huge lion roar or whatever animal she feels like!!! Then she laughs so hard (belly laugh) at herself:) It is the cutest thing and cracks me up to no end.

Recently she has also been coming up to me and saying "poo poo" as she claps her hands letting me know she needs a change. Shane said that she told him quietly the other morning "I got poo poo." So lady like:) Anyway, she has crawled right up on the potty and sat there when Cameron was using the little one so we will see.

Today she didn't want to ride the rocking horse in the playroom but instead starting trying to climb on my back for a horsey ride. She is our little adventurous girl. She just loves going out in public and waves hello to everyone in the store saying "Hi" until she can get their attention. She is our little outgoing sweetheart and loves to read too. She will also sit and look through books on her own and has done this for quite some time. It keeps her busy in her crib and she really seems to enjoy turning the pages on her own. She is talking up a storm and I will have to keep this updated with all the cute things she is and will be saying:) Our Baby Kyleigh is becoming such a Big Girl!


Amy said...

Awww, sweet Kyleigh. What a precious little girl. I love the marching band story, that is so sweet.

You might have a kid that's potty trained early. Amanda actually started potty training at about 18 months. And she was doing really well by the time she was 2. She still had a few accidents but overall it was successful.

Mary said...

I am so behind on your posts. I will have to read some more soon.

Kyleigh is so adorable. All of her. Aron is 23 months as of yesterday and I had to laugh because he loves telling Knock knock jokes too. We'll have to get them together and start a comedy act with them.

She is a smart little thing...I love it!

Angie said...

Oh Mary! It is hard to believe Aron is almost 2 years old! It seems like he was just here crawling around:) We will definitely have to get them together!