Friday, February 26, 2010

Baby Girl

Kyleigh is too funny! She was given this precious little baby cradle from our friends so I put it in her room with her babies in it. When she first saw this she proceeded to sling the babies out on her bedroom floor and climbed right in. Cameron still calls Kyleigh my baby so he started rocking her and singing to her. It was totally cute and I had to post a pic:)


Amy said...

Oh, how precious!

Mary said...

Do you just sit and stare at her...well all three of them for that matter. I just look at this picture of her and she is just perfect.

And his big eyes...!

Sigh...I'm melting.

Angie said...

Yes yes I do! I sit and stare at them and am amazed that they are mine! I especially love watching Cam and Ky together and I melt because they get along so well:)